Singapore is truly unique. Singapore is a modern day cultural fusion point of entire Southeast Asia. The country is renowned for top notch technological innovation, high value professional services, quality of life and for its hospitality services. Singapore is blessed with a prime strategic location in the Southeast Asia and is a major cultural and economic centre of this region. Singapore is a glamorous and glitzy city with state of the art technology and innovation coupled with world famous hospitality. This small island nation is highly urbanized and unfortunately lost a large tract of rainforest but thankfully the country is now preserving the remaining portion of rainforest efficiently. Singapore is continuously growing and is expanding its territory by reclaiming land from sea. Singapore is one of the premier business and financial centres of the world and its port is one of the busiest ports in the world. Singapore is the unique fusion pot of Southeast Asia and mutually coexists with Indian, Chinese and Islamic Malaysian culture.


By Air: All the important cities of the entire world are connected to Singapore, either directly or through indirect flight or Transit flights. All the major international airlines fly direct to Singapore or made stopovers. Singapore has 8 airports and nearly 80 airlines connect Singapore with 200 cities spread in 68 countries. Low cost airlines operating from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore connects the entire Southeast Asia while long European flights to Australia, New Zealand and Far East made transit stops in Singapore.

By Road: Singapore is well connected with the Malaysia and Thailand. One can use the public transport coaches or private coaches plying from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The coaches are generally operates at night and reach Singapore in the morning.

By Rail: One can reach Singapore from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok by rail also. The Malaysian Railway System, the Keretapi Tanah Malayu (KTM) has two main line going into Singapore. The Eastern & Oriental Express of Thailand connects Singapore and Bangkok and is a great way of enjoying the rich luxuries of this classic train journey from Bangkok to Singapore.

By Cruise: Major cruise line operates various cruise liners to Singapore. Small ferries connect Singapore from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Singapore is an all year destination and remains uniform and constant in terms of tourist arrivals. Singapore enjoys favourable climate all year round and is suitable for you to visit any time of the year. However, the months of November to January receives heavy torrential rains which could last for hours. While the months of April and May is generally hotter.

Singapore offers a lot to different type of activities to different segment of tourist. For example, if you are a food lover and love to enjoy the local taste and cuisine then best time for you to visit Singapore is in the month of April when the World Gourmet Summit happen or month of July which is famous for Singapore Food Festival.

If you are an avid art lover and wants to know about the art of the South east Asia then head to Singapore during the month of June when Singapore Art Festival is ongoing.

If you love the heart pounding, fast paced F1 race then head to Singapore when the only night Formula 1 race in the World, the Singapore Night Grand Prix takes place.

If you want experience the culture of Singapore at its best then visit in the January when the Chinese New Year Celebration is in full swing or in the month of August when the entire Singapore is vibrant with exuberance of Celebrate Singapore Festival.

Singapore being multicultural and located in a critical junction of Southeast Asia has the influence of entire region in its distinctive cuisine. Singapore has successfully carved a special place in the world for its unique and innovative cuisine. Singapore’s has five predominantly and distinctive cuisines – Indian, Malay, Thai, Chinese and Indonesian. Being a multicultural nation you can find Chinese food with little touch of Indian ingredients and flavour and at the same time you can enjoy fusion dish of traditional Chinese combined with Malay food. This unique cuisine fusion is widely favoured and savoured in Singapore.