Mauritius is a beautiful, amazing island present in the Indian Ocean. The Island is blessed with tropical luxury, deep blue seas, white sandy beaches, and world class hotels and resorts. The island is laden with historical places, multi cultural diversity, and great geographic variations. Mauritius offers world class hotels that offer quite and calmer stay in the tropical and luxurious accommodations. Mauritius is a country which offers different kinds of activities to all section and categories of Tourist. Enjoy a trek in the mountains, or enjoy a nature walk in the Ecotourism Park or see the beautiful coral reefs, Mauritius will surely charm you. Its multi culture and great gastronomy makes it an ideal tourist paradise for the guests.

By Air: The National carrier of Mauritius is the Air Mauritius which connects Port Louis with many European cities, Important cities of Africa and Asia. Many international airlines operate regular flight to Mauritius from all over the world. Regional airlines like Air Austral, Air Madagascar and Air Seychelles connect Mauritius with the surrounding Islands.

Best time to Visit Mauritius is in between the months of June to August when it is coolest and exploring and travelling is pleasant. Tropical Cyclones are common phenomena in the months of December to March. December to February is the hottest time of the year and feels very humid and stuffy.

The Cuisine of Mauritius is a combination of Indian, African, Chinese and French influences. Food lovers will find a variety of flavours and aromas and different culinary delicacies of French, Indian, Chinese and African cuisine. Rice and Roti are the main staple food and often eaten with various curries. Uses of spices like saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and herbs like thyme, basil and curry leaves are common ingredients that provide a powerful aroma and flavour. Sweets and Snacks are available almost every nook and corner of Mauritius. Sweets are influenced by French and Indian deserts. Snacks lovers will find variety of options ranging from Indian Chat, French Appetizers and Chinese dumplings. Mauritius cuisine like its culture is diverse and it is best to savour the fusion cuisine which includes various cooking styles and flavours.