Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, is one of the premier cities of the world, a city where the “West meets the East” and creates a perfect concoction of a culture which retain its traditional charm and open heartedly accepted the Western values and practices. This is a city where innovation, efficiency and western values combine perfectly with quaint Cantonese charm and exuberance of the locals. Hong Kong is now Asian Global City where you will find the traits of Toronto, financial stability like Singapore and the proud culture of Shanghai combined. It ranks highly in various standards like Human Development Index, Economic Freedom, Media Freedom, Quality of Life, Corruption Perception and many more. Today, Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centres and has a free trade policy with low taxation, resulted in a strong and stable currency.


By Air: The Hong Kong International Airport is the main airport which is well connected by many direct and transit flights from Europe, Middle east, South East, Asia Pacific, North America, South America and Oceania. The nearby Shenzen International Airport in China is considered as the beat option for flying inside China. The Macau International Airport is best to travel to and from South East Asia as many low cost airlines like Air Asia has set up their hub in Macau.

By Road: One can enter Hong Kong from mainland China through Shenzen, a highly developed city. There are six land checkpoints between Hong Kong and mainland China, namely Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau Spur Line, Lok Ma Chau, Man Kam To, Sha Tau Ko and Shenzhen Bay. Lo Wu is a train and pedestrian crossing; Lok Ma Chau spur line is a pedestrian crossing; Lok Ma Chau and Sha Tau Kok are road, cross-boundary bus and pedestrian crossings; while Man Kam To and Shenzhen Bay bridge are road and cross-boundary bus crossings.

By Train: The MTR Corporation runs regular intercity Passenger Train services from Hung Hom station located on Kowloon side. The train connects Hong Kong with Guangzhou (east), Dongguan, Foshan and Zhaoging in Guangdong province, Beijing and Shanghai.

By Boat: There are four ferry service companies that run regular ferries between Hong Kong and Kowloon islands. These ferry services provide a great view of the city skyline and harbour front.


Best time to visit Hong Kong is certainly between the months of October to December when temperature is mild and soothing. Weather is fine and dry and exploring around is pleasant. Another good time to visit Hong Kong is in between the months of January to March. Day time temperature could be in the range of 20 to 25°C while nights and early morning may see temperature drops to 10 to 12°C. Weather remains sunny and dry and this is the time which sets the spring season in motion. So, one can see pristine green parks and fresh new flowers and nature at its beauty. Another best time to Visit Hong Kong is during the Chinese New Year when entire city is filled with joy and celebrations. Street dances, Lion dances, colourful parades, music and fireworks make Hong Kong even more dramatic and attractive.

Hong Kong, being closer to mainland China has all the regional specialities and Chinese cuisine combined with more loved Cantonese cuisine and years long of British influence and exposure to Western Countries, resulted in many international cuisines make Hong Kong one of the best places in Asia to savour various culinary delicacies. Try out Dim Sum, Which means to “touch your Heart” is a revered Cantonese speciality, which will certainly touch your heart and try out the Chinese tea with it. Try out Siu Mei and Congee, both are Cantonese and is available in various restaurants.