Dubai is one of the most modern as well as deeply rooted in the tradition city. The city has redefined luxury and pompousness and combined it together to give it a most glitzy and sizzling look. Dubai is one of the seven emirates and is the most progressive emirate in the entire UAE. The city is developing at a fast pace in terms of real estate, tourism and hospitality sector. It is a desert city with superb infrastructure, liberal policies, which became popular for its excellent tourist amenities. It is a great place for shopping, partying, fine dining and conducting business deals. The city is also thronged by hedonists who come here for pleasure, joy and entertainment. Known for its tallest building Burj Al Arab or the largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall, the city is always carved for attention and attraction. Spend your money in the pleasure of shopping or simply pamper yourself at the luxurious five star hotels. Enjoy at the world class golf course or simply put your money on horses in the Dubai World Cup. Dubai offers unending things to do for the guests. Enjoy a wide range of culinary dining here. A wide range of shopping Malls, eating joints, or restaurant all offer amazing dining experiences.

Dubai is well connected to the rest of the entire world by air. Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport is connected by flights from the entire world. Dubai is also an important transit points for many long distance flights. Dubai can also be accessed by Road from surrounding cities of UAE. Regular boat service connects Dubai with Iran.

Best time to visit Dubai is the winters, November to March. This is the time when temperature is comfortable and mild and unlike the summers. Besides this, Dubai is at its liveliest best during various festivals like the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai World Cup. Dubai is also a good weekend break destination from the Asian countries and you can visit any time of the year if you are ready to negate the intense heat and look for some top class entertainment and hospitality.

Dubai is the best place to enjoy the culinary delicacies of entire Middle East. Dubai is famous for its fusion cuisine, Indian and Pakistani cuisine, Iranian Cuisine and the regional gulf cuisines. Besides this you can savor Chinese and many international cuisines. Many renowned international brands have opened their food chains in Dubai like the KFC, Mc Donalds, TGI Fridays and many more. Dubai is one of the best places to enjoy a gastronomic pleasure and suits all kind of pockets.