Bangkok is an Amazing city of cultural confluence of traditional Thai and the Contemporary western flavors. Bangkok is the amalgamation of rich heritage of past with the new, trendy and modern day culture of the present day. The capital city of Thailand is one of the most important cities in Asia. Bangkok – ‘city of the deity’ was a small trading post on the river Chao Pharaya during the Ayutthaya kingdom. It gained prominence and recognition in 1768 Siam, when it was given the status as the capital city after the burning of Ayutthaya.

Today’s Bangkok is a modern city with tall concrete skyscrapers, flying sky trains, fast moving traffic, top class shopping centers and much famed nightlife. The city has contrasting elements of rich cultural heritage sites which still constitute a major part of Bangkok’s tourism. One can find perfect solace here in the monasteries. Bangkok is an ultimate modern metropolitan city which still manages to hold its past and its rich heritage. The city corrupts and purifies soul simultaneously.
The traditional way of Thai living is still practiced in Bangkok. Every morning the monks from the Buddhist monasteries come out for alms which is an age old practice and the policy of ‘sa•nuk’ (the Thai word for ‘fun’) is still followed with zest. The old heritage monuments and temples are interspersed among the concrete jungle of urban conglomeration. The glitz and sinful nightlife of the city makes it a nefarious city where immoral desires are fulfilled.

Visit the old Ayutthaya, see the ancient well conserved historical monuments of Thailand and get lost in the old folklores and tales of the glorious kings and their kingdoms. Also check out the modern man made attractions like Dreamy World or hop in to ride one of the sky trains. Check out the local shopping malls or simply let your hair down in a nightclub. Bangkok is one stop destination of fun and enjoyment.

Bangkok Weather :

Bangkok has a tropical climate and has a warm and stuffy climate with high humidity level. March to May see temperature above 35°C on average and sometimes even crosses 40°C mark. This is the most painful season to visit Bangkok as travelling and sightseeing becomes a challenge. Wear light cotton clothes and drink lots of fluids. From end of May to October heavy torrential monsoon rains hit Bangkok, resulting in flooding in some parts of the city. However, afternoon showers bring a respite from the intense heat but humidity is really troublesome. Carrying an umbrella is necessary while raincoats will make you stuffy and uncomfortable. From November to March, Bangkok’s climate is pleasant and this is the best time to enjoy Bangkok however, this also means you have to jostle with plenty of tourists and finding accommodation and flights may prove a tension unless you don’t book it atleast six months in advance.


Bangkok Food :


The Thai Cuisine is renowned globally ad incorporates five basic tastes – sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. Some common ingredients used in Thai cuisine include garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass, and fish sauce. Bangkok boasts a stunning 50,000 places to eat and not only Thai restaurants, but a wide selection of world-class international cuisine is available. The Sukhumvit has the best restaurants of Bangkok and here you will find French, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese and Vietnamese cuisine. There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants present in the more tourist-friendly parts of town. Vegetarian dishes are also readily available on the menus of regular restaurants. Ask for “jay” food to leave the meat out of the dish. Try the Pad Thai, one of Thailand’s national dishes, stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice and red chilli pepper. Try the Tom yam Kung is a sour soup with prawns, lemongrass and galangal and is very spicy. The place to go to for Chinese food is Yaowarat. Soi Phadung Dao is the best street for huge seafood restaurants. Phahurat, Bangkok’s Little India, has some decent Indian restaurants.

By Air: Bangkok is well connected by air to the rest of the world. Competition is tough between various airlines operating flights to and from Bangkok. Bangkok is well connected with major Southeast Asian cities and often long European flights to the Far East make transition stop in Bangkok. Thai Airways is the national carrier and is quite renowned for its in-flight services and hospitality. There are many low cost airlines operating regular flights to and from Bangkok from Southeast Asian countries.

Bangkok is located in the tropical region and remains warm year round. The climate is warm and humid most of the year. Best time to visit Bangkok is in between the months of November to March. The temperature hovers around 30°C and nights are even cooler. This is the best time to explore the city and enjoy the attractions of Bangkok. However, only downside is the volume of tourist that rush in from all parts of the world and you may have to jostle with place and bear the crowd while exploring. Hotels and flights may give you tension but you can avoid all of these by booking in advance.

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3 Nights Accommodation in Bangkok (with Breakfast).Half day Bangkok City Tour with Reclining Golden Buddha Entrance Tickets,Return Airport Transfer on Seat In Coach (shared) Basis,All Hotel taxes and Service charges.